Want to Learn Food Business Management? Study in Italy!

The idea of studying abroad interest a number of students. Studying in Italy is something that a large number of students would love to experience, especially students that would like to pursue an education in food business management. Studying this subject in a country that is world famous for their food is a great opportunity to sample and create some of the finest cuisine in the world.

Today, it is truly possible to study this subject at one of the world’s leading universities. The Bologna Business School presents an exceptional opportunity for study and exploration. Let’s take a closer look.

Study in Italy at BBS

Bologna is a city filled with culture and is known for their fine cuisine that is enjoyed by people from around the world. The city is bustling with life. A city where ancient cultures mix with the modern world. Bologna is also a city filled with well-known and highly regarded universities. The city also eagerly embraces students from all across the globe.

The Bologna Business school is another highly regarded modern day university in the city. A select group of students earn the privilege to travel to the city to pursue a degree in their Food Business Management MBA. The course provides a wonderful education that includes the business side of food management. After completion, the student will earn a Masters in Business Administration.

Food & Wine MBA
Global MBA

This exceptional learning program is organized into 3 terms for the students to learn. The program is very vigorous and intense. The training provides in class learning and activity. The study also provides group projects and workshops to intensify the learning experience. After graduation, the student is prepared to manage their own business or work as a manager in the food industry.

The MBA program in Food & Wine Business Management is for the individual that is highly motivated to succeed in an international setting with other exceptional learners. The setting provides a unique opportunity for the student to study in a very cultural setting.

The city of Bologna and the Business School of University of Bologna present a wonderful setting to achieve the goal of earning a degree in the food and wine industry within 12 months.