Bologna Business School: Masters in Human Resource Management

Bologna Business Schools (BBS) is one of the most prestigious institutions providing master in human resource management programs in Europe. The institution ranks among the best business schools Europe providing human resource programs.

BBS has integrated its education approach with internationalization, industry integration, and interdisciplinary outlook that have all contributed towards producing university graduates with crucial skills necessary to face the ever challenging and dynamic business landscape.

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Best Business Schools in Europe

Bologna’s Master in Organization and Human Resource management is a full time English program offered on campus. The course duration is twelve months, and the average age of participants is usually twenty-seven years. Throughout the coursework, students are equipped with requisite skills that enable them to understand why certain organizations outperform their peers. Students learn how enterprises exploit the potential of modern technologies, and how the workforce can collaborate to innovate unique products and services.

The program is available to graduates coming from any field who wishes to master organizational design and human resource challenges in a diverse setting. The academic background of the students can be law, economics, sociology or any other discipline.

The entire course is full of interactive sessions. Throughout the sessions, students have an opportunity to address their workplace experiences. On average the classes comprises of between 20-40 participants making the interactive sessions more insightful. The classroom sessions are conducted though Skill Labs, workshops, team Assignments, lectures, career counseling, networking events from BBS Alumni, and a month’s long team project work.

Human Resource Europe Partnerships

Bologna Human Resource program has partnered with industry leading players including Vodafone, KPMG, General Electric, LinkedIn, and renowned human resource consultants among other entities that advocate for a talented workforce.

Bologna’s master in human resource program is supported by the Italian Association for Human Resources Management (AIDP). The Italian association rewards the best project team an “AIDP Award for Bar-Raisers” with a study tour in Europe and an internship with an iconic multinational company for an amount equivalent to €3,000.

The Application Procedure

BBS has a very strict application process. The first round’s deadline is usually on 30th September while the second round deadline is around 10th November. The selection for the first round is usually around October while second round selection is usually during the month of November.

The first enrollment date for the program is usually in early November, and the second round of enrollments is in early December. The program usually commences in early December and goes for a full calendar year.