Modular Tribunes Made to Stay

Tribunes: what are they for?

For each event a stage must be made. Seating must be arranged. Tribunes and staging allow for a comfortable yet impactful experience for the audience that is rendered. This is how organizations can provide the proper atmosphere for every event with ease.
Each event has its own specific needs and with modular production products assembly is simple and easy to allow for quick set up and increased customer satisfaction as a whole. With each product whether it’s a tribune or any event material the quality of construction meets all of the required safety standards as a whole. Each product is created to have the correct form and function of each client needs including large area seating, easy set up, and overall an easy way to create an atmosphere for any event taking place.

seatings and tribunes

Seating during events or concerts

Tribunes create a seating arrangement that can be used for any event. They have a modular construction that does not have need of any skilled labor to assemble. The tribune’s form and functionality provide the perfect seating arrangement for large events and small. Each not only catering to safety standards but also comfortable seating for all audience with either bench seating or even with a back support. Each construction follows all fire proofing standards with Grade 1 fireproof materials and steel framing to ensure the safety of the entire audience in use of it.

Advantages of modular tribunes

Modular staging allows for a centerpiece in which to not only draw the focus of the audience but also allow for the customer to make sure that the stage set is easy and exceeds the standards of just functionality. As with modular tribunes the modular construction of the stages allows for non-skilled labor set-up and easy deconstruction. Each stage has high quality steel framing to allow for maximum safety as well as grounding on even uneven surfaces.
With each product provided by Mario Orlando’s company there comes a degree of not only safety but also a quality of craftsmanship. This quality level ensures that no matter the event each and every audience’s expectations of the atmosphere will be exceeded. Each event held by an organization must include not only the presenter’s needs but the audiences and with the use of quality and easy to use equipment each event can be held in not only a comfortable environment for the audience but a highlight to the organization presenting

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